Arthur Baggs Memorial Floating Fund

This fund is named in the memory of one of Adventure’s most dedicated members, Arthur Baggs. Arthur  had been part of our restoration efforts for over 10 years. Arthur’s generosity was extraordinary with his time, resources and expertise. His engineering help was invaluable.  What an inspiring sight it was to see this small man of 80 plus years climbing around our vessel while serving as our “Ship’s Keeper”. We will greatly miss this wonderful friend and have set up The Arthur Baggs Memorial Floating Fund in memory of our dear friend.

With this fund the Board is committing to raising sufficient money to maintain the Adventure at Rocky Neck for the next five years – anchoring our other efforts to raise the funds necessary to complete the renovation. The annual cost of maintaining the vessel includes dockage fees, insurance, and the cost of the annual haul out at the Marine Railways which is crucial to ensuring that this vessel is in the best possible shape.  The annual cost of this effort is $40,000, the five year cost is $200,000, and as a first step in this fund raising effort, Adventure’s Board members have pledged $80,000.  This leaves just $120,000 to raise.   

What we now request is that you join this effort– and remember that all contributions are tax deductible.  Annual contributions will help us to maintain the boat and ensure our being able to get Adventure back to sea as a living testament to the thousands of vessels and fishermen who made Gloucester so very famous.  Adventure will also carry the banner high of the current fishermen from Gloucester all the way to Newfoundland.  She will stand tall in reminding all that this way of life must be sustained, that this fishing tradition must be continued — a tradition in Gloucester that goes back some 387 years.

Donate on line or send a check to: (list Baggs Fund on memo line)

Gloucester Adventure, Inc. 

PO Box 1306

Gloucester, MA 01930