1700’s Fishing Industry in Gloucester

January 14, 1700 – William Stevens and Ensign Joseph Allen signed a deed with Samuel English, grandson of Mascanomet, granting the tract of land known as the township of “Glosster” for the amount of seven pounds.

1713 – According to tradition, Capt. Andrew Robinson’s shipyard built the first schooner in Gloucester’s Smith Cove

1770 – Essex ship builders built 15 ton Chebacco Boats used for shore fishing (200 in use by 1800)

1776-1782 – During Revolutionary War, Grand Bankers were left at wharves and only Chebacco Boats were used close to shore.

1783 – Treaty with England provides for Canadian fishing banks to be open to U.S. fishermen – Grand Banks fishing resumes

1790-1863 – Gloucester was a busy port receiving and sending ships (barques and brigs) worldwide for trade, most notably the Dutch Guiana, or Surinam

1793- Lowells Boat Shop in Amesbury starts building dories for Gloucester fleet

1799 – over 300 fish houses on Cape Ann