Volunteers Needed

The Gloucester Adventure is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Volunteers are the core of our organization. Every aspect of our community-based effort to save Adventure depends on volunteers who are needed to help work on the vessel, staff the office, raise funds, and organize events. If you would like to help, please call 978-281-8079 or email us at info@schooner-adventure.org. Supporters of Adventure know that their contributions are making a significant and worthwhile impact on preventing the disappearance of this icon of our nation’s maritime heritage.


Some examples of office volunteer activities are: desktop publishing, mailings, curatorial/photographic archives work, answering the telephone, filing, assisting with fundraising, PR, membership and volunteer outreach, distributing posters and brochures, and general administration.


Volunteers are needed every Saturday starting at 9:00AM at Adventure to help with the ongoing restoration project. Usually we are doing basic cleaning, maintenance, scraping & painting.


Examples of Adventure’s events include Open House on Adventure,  Annual Meeting, Auction, and various festivals. Volunteers are needed for these events for planning, picking up supplies, setting up/cleaning up, running the Ship’s Store, directing children activities, helping during the event by manning the schooner and serving as guides to visitors.