A Bailer was used to scoop out water from the dory. This one was made of wood and tin.

The trawl anchor held the trawl line down.

Dory Fog Horn – used by dorymen to communicate with schooner and each other in heavy fog.

Trawl Buoy used to hold and mark trawl line.

Dory Roller – pulley that helped to pull up trawl line loaded with fish.

Kerosene Lantern used for night fishing.

Handline for catching smaller amounts than with trawl line, usually used from the side of a schooner.

Trawl Tub – held 550 hook trawl line.

Banks Dory – 14-18 feet long and manned by 1 or 2 dorymen. Usually equipped with oars and a sail to navigate.

Thole Pins – used to hold oars in place while rowing.

Dory Plug – pulled to drain water from dory when brought on board.