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  1. I had the great honor of being aboard Adventure last week, as she schooned across Gloucester Harbor to her new Home at the Harriet Webster Pier on Harbor Loop. My Grandfather Captain Henri Boudreau was a first cousin to Captain Jeffrey Francis Thomas, and I feel as though I have a vested interest in her care and survival. I thank you all for allowing me to come aboard for such a special event. To stand there with Jeff Thomas II and Helen Garland, while the three of us toasted the old girl, is a memory I will carry always. You all have done an exemplary job, and I have reported as much to my friend Captain James W. “Jim” Sharp.

  2. Andrew Wahll says:

    I was aboard “Adventure” in early summer 1966 out of Camden under Jim
    Sharp. The weather for our voyage was foggy except the first day and the last day. The new yawl boat pushed us from island to island. The wooden fog horn blew all day long and one could ony ask “wonder why, wonder why?” Sea faring gets into your brain to wit this last summer I was aboard the “Pride of Baltimore” under Captain Jan Miles as guest crew on a voyage from Saulte Stre Marie to Duluth then back across Lake Superior with stormy weather and seasickness acrossing Whitefish Bay and into fast flowing Saint Marys river and part of Lake Huron then through Straits of Mackinac and into Lake Michigan. I could only think of Gordon Bok’s words “All you Maine men proud and young when you run your easting down, give her staysail, give her main in the darkness and the rain, east-by north or east-north-east, give her what she steers the best”. From Little Traverse Bay we entered Lake Charlevoix for welcome R&R and then made our way to Chicago where I left the Pride 2 on August 7th 2013.

  3. My Great Grandfather Boudreau was a Highline Skipper out of Gloucester Massachusetts, and a cousin to Captain Jeffrey Thomas of the Adventure. He and my Grandfather were born within a half mile of each other in Arichat Nova Scotia, and were baptised in the same church, which still stands. They were among the finest kind.

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