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Have you sailed on Schooner Adventure? Tell us about it!

Do you have a relative that worked aboard her? Share their story.

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  1. Duncan Will says:

    Thomas F. McManus, who designed Adventure, was my maternal great grandfather. I hope to vist Adventure this fall.

  2. Joan Lato says:

    I sailed on the Adventure in July 1987 with a group of friends from Wisconsin. I have wonderful memories of great food, great music, great storytelling, great crew and an all around wonderful time. I visited Maine this summer with my family and because of all the stories i shared about the Adventure they wanted to go on a schooner cruise as well so we spent 3 days on the Nathaniel Bowditch and had an awesome time. Before leaving for home, we stopped in Rockland Maine to see Capt Jim Sharp and then in Gloucester to see the Adventure. She is just as beautiful as I remembered and it was great to see Captain Jim again!!
    Thanks for the memories!

  3. bwelin says:

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  5. Tom Crowley says:

    On July 7, 1971, 39 years ago today, I got my first deckhand job on the schooner Adventure while she was in Camden for a weekend between charters. I walked up to Captain Jim Sharp and asked him if I could work as a deckhand on a 1 week trial basis for 1/2 the pay of the lowest paid man on the vessel. He looked me up and down and said,”I don’t usually pay anything for a trial crew member, but I will take you on for $37.50 a week”. I jumped at the chance and sailed with Jim and the Adventure all that summer and the following year, 1972, I sailed as mate and my new wife, Nelle, served as assistant cook. In fact, I actually MET Nelle on that same day, July 7th, 1971 in front of Peter Ott’s steakhouse on Bayview Street. We got married on November 20, 1971 and are still married. Tonight we will be in Camden to celebrate that dual meeting!

  6. Debbie Messina says:

    I sailed on her one summer in July out of Camden, Maine. Although we had terrible weather, the trip was wonderful. Captain Sharp expected all on deck for hoisting sail and more than once I swabbed the deck! At night he would sing sea chanties below deck and tell us of her history. His wife was an absolute magician with the wood stove she cooked on because the meals she produced were fabulous.

  7. bwelin says:

    By all means look us up and we’d be glad to show her off.

  8. Mark Ellery says:

    No memories. I was just doing a search of my grandfather, William Stevens of Gloucester, the shipwright, and came across your site. I’ll be in Gloucester (and MA) for the first time in my life sometime this fall, and would be thrilled to see the Adventure in person.

  9. bwelin says:

    She arrived in Gloucester on August 27, 1988 with her former Captain Leo Hynes on board as a guest. Her last captain, Jim Sharp, sailed her down from Camden, Maine, to donate her to the people of Gloucester.

  10. tom langdon says:

    What was the date when Adventure “came home” in ’88?
    I have a photo that I would like to caption with the correct date.


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