Sail Adventure Forever Campaign

Schooner Adventure returned after 18 years of restoration to the Schooner Festival in 2012 leading the Parade of Sails (under motor). On Labor Day weekend 2013, we SAILED Adventure in the Parade of Sail with her new sails, spars and rigging.

BUT… to receive sailing and passenger certification from the Coast Guard, we need to install a number of vessel systems. In addition, the fo’c’sle, galley, fish hold and main cabin need to be reinstalled to complete the restoration.

The restored Captain’s Cabin is going to be named in honor of the man who got this all started…

Joseph Garland


It is fitting to honor this wonderful historian and friend of Adventure whose dream was to bring back one of Gloucester’s original “grand old ladies”.

As we come to the end of this project, we need everyone’s help! Please consider contributing to this last stage and help us fulfill Joe’s dream to…


For more info call 978-281-8079

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A Legacy Tribute to Joe Garland online form [download PDF]